Montpelier Tours

Green Mount Cemetery Tour
251 US Route 2 Montpelier, VT 05604

Visit the Green Mount Cemetery on Lower State Street. Dating back to 1854, the cemetery has a memorial for area sculptors and prominent citizens. Many of the gravestones are intricately carved by area granite stone carvers, and there is a unique staircase carved into the hillside. 
Google Pedometer Map
A handy way to map walking and running routes for distance, elevation profile and calorie count. 
Maps of Hubbard Park and North Branch Park
Montpelier offers wilderness right in the city with two amazing parks. Hubbard Park starts just behind the State House, and the North Branch is a short distance north of downtown. 
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Montpelier Maps & GIS
Visit the City of Montpelier for more maps and to view City of Montpelier GIS data: