Montpelier is not just a feast for the eyes.  Montpelier has become known as a place for foodies with a great restaurant explosion in recent years. We invite you to take a culinary adventure in the Capital City. No matter what your taste is, Montpelier has it all. If you are looking for Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, southern cooking, crepes, or the perfect cup of locally-roasted coffee, you will find it here. Farm to Table is a way of life in Montpelier, making eating out in the Capital City an experience of fresh and organic produce, meats and dairy. We invite you to explore the many fabulous eateries in Montpelier and treat your palette to a culinary vacation. 

✳ Each time you see this symbol it indicates a Montpelier Alive Business Member. Our members are civic minded and believe in supporting our local community. Montpelier Alive would not exist without the generous support of these members.