The Cross Training Studio

Cross Training Studio

100 State Street, Suite 506

Montpelier, Vermont 05602 



Our unique studio offers an opportunity to belong to a professional, ultra clean fitness center in Montpelier with a limited membership enrollment, and your own private entry code for access  5AM-8PM seven days per week.   

This means no crowds, and you will never have more than 4 people in the studio each hour. We offer personal training in Montpelier, brand new, state of the art equipment including the Jacobs Ladder2 climbing machine, Keiser M3 mag spin bikes, plate load machines, free weights and more. The view is gorgeous and the natural light is energizing. You are sure to love having "your own private training center" and  belonging to something very special.

Downtown Spotlight with Chris Kaiser, Owner of The Cross Training Studio

Tell us about yourself. 

I am an avid athlete and outdoors-man, and have been an entrepreneur for over 30 years.  I was a division I scholarship athlete, professional athlete and have owned several businesses in the health and wellness arenas.   I have always been meticulous about my own health and have been training clients since the age of 24. I have held certifications from almost every nationally recognized exercise trainer organization and currently studying as a Health Coach with Dr. Chris Kresser and the Kresser Institute for Chronic Disease, and becoming a nationally recognized Holistic Nutritionist.  My skill set became exponentially better during my time as a conditioning instructor for a major league baseball team years ago, as I learned things that simply are not text book derived.  My athletic fiance is also an entrepreneur in town and we have been together for 10 years.  Our family has been greatly enjoying all the recreation and great people of Vermont.

What's your daily workout look like? 

I'm a guy that stays fit year round inside and out.  Its easier and feels better to be that way.  I follow the American College of Sports Medicine protocol of resistance training 2-3 days per week and cardiovascular conditioning 4-5 days per week. Stand up paddling, and mountain biking during the warm weather, and hiking, back country skiing and snowboarding during the cold.

Why did you open The Cross Training Studio?

There is always a need for a "big gym" so people can simply get some exercise during Vermont's rough weather.  However, that model is broken to me.  I wanted to have the first "smart gym" where we not only focus on the basics of bio-mechanics, cardio-respiratory fitness and stretching, but also a clinical side like cellular nutrition, chronic disease prevention, post rehabilitation a, pre-habilitation and sports specific enhancement training.  A place where the membership is capped, and people feel like they have their "own gym" so there is never more than four people in the space during any given hour.  Naturally I also saw a need for professional training on so many levels and owning a five star facility in which to perform such training.

What makes your Studio special?

This studio is like having a training center in a Manhattan location.  High above, with the city's best views, a deluge of invigorating natural light, privacy and seven day a week access with no crowds or join fees.   You get a maximum bang for your hard earned dollar here.  Its 105 hours a week of available workout time.

What inspired you to open a new business in Montpelier?

Montpelier like any great little city deserves a downtown fitness center.  When I saw the opportunity to open one in the new style I wanted, I thought it would add such a nice value for residents.  A value of additional workout options, coaching options, training options and within walking distance for so many wonderful folks.