For Cocktail Lovers


Image courtesy of Caledonia Spirits

Discover Montpelier: For Cocktail Lovers

Curated by Barr Hill

The Discover Montpelier series is sponsored by Capitol Plaza Hotel and Conference Center.

The opening of the Barr Hill Distillery in Montpelier builds on our reputation as a craft beverage destination. We'll tell you where to head for a drink made with one of Vermont's award-winning local spirits, and where you can buy ingredients to make your own at home.

Where to Drink (and Eat!): 

  • Three Penny Taproom, 108 Main Street: Three Penny Taproom has been consistently recognized as one of the best beer bars in the country, but don’t get too distracted by their incredible beer list--try one of their beer-tails!  One of the favorites includes gin and elderflower, topped with a local India Pale Ale. 

  • Barr Hill, 116 Gin Lane: Head down the bike path to enjoy an expertly crafted cocktail from Montpelier’s craft spirits distillery. Watch the bartenders juice fresh citrus, make homemade syrups, and even carve crystal clear ice behind a bar made from local granite. Food offerings and bar snacks offered daily.

Where to Shop: 

  • Yankee Wine and Spirits, 126 Main Street: Montpelier's only liquor store isn’t lacking in variety of spirits, including a huge Vermont section. The staff is eager to help find the right spirit for you. They also have a shelf that provides cocktail mixing ingredients. 

  • The Retail Store at the Barr Hill Distillery, 116 Gin Lane: Within the distillery space sits an incredible retail store where you’ll find more then just shirts and caps. They provide premium cocktail and mixology tools as well as an abundance of bitters and other cocktail mixing ingredients. Walk away with free cocktail recipes to make your favorite drinks at home. While you’re there, be sure to taste some raw honey, yum! 

  • Hunger Mountain Coop, 623 Stone Cutters Way: Hunger Mountain Coop is a full-service natural foods grocery store and deli that has been owned by our community since 1972. When talking about craft cocktails, we frequently talk about fresh, seasonal ingredients; what better place to get the non-alcoholic ingredients in your cocktail recipe then at the Coop!  They have a large variety of tonics, craft sodas, bitters, and syrups as well. 

Where to Stay:

The Capitol Plaza Hotel and Conference Center is the preferred lodging of Montpelier Alive. Located just steps from the historic State House and the vibrant downtown, the Capitol Plaza is a family-owned hotel that will exceed your needs for comfort and convenience.

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