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22 Main Street

Montpelier, VT 05602




Studio Zenith 10

Welcome to Zenith, a fitness and wellness space designed for strengthening the mind, body, and spirit. At Zenith, you have the option to work your tail off, getting the maximum calorie scorching results you seek, or choose a more restorative and rejuvinating class. 

All who attend  Zenith, whether it's through One-On-One Personal Training, Strenth Training Flows, Free-weights, Ashtanga Yoga, Bootcamp, and Vinyasa Yoga, will have the opportunity to reach all their most desired fitness goals in a safe, FUN, nonjudgmental, beautiful, sacred space. Zenith means "the highest point above an observer's horizon attained by a celestial body; the highest point or apex." 

At Zenith we will strive to bring out and discover our personal best's and unique potentials. These classes, and this space, are vehicles to getting closer to happiness, fulfillment, and strength.

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