Downtown Event Grants

Montpelier Alive works to create a vibrant and livable Montpelier by celebrating its heart and soul: its downtown. A great way to celebrate is to bring community together through events!

Often, we’re asked to help run events for other organizations who may want to come into the downtown. While we love to see events come to Downtown Montpelier, we do not have the capacity and budget to get directly involved in implementing them. Although we put on our own series of events, our primary role as a downtown organization is not to fill the role of community event planner. Taking on other events, even when they include really fun ideas, is generally outside of our ability and scope. And often, your event may have an entirely different goal that does not directly relate to us, such as raising funds for your own organization. Please know that just because we can’t organize your event doesn’t mean we are not in support of you and your efforts.

One of the many ways we support downtown events is through our Downtown Event Grant Program!

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In 2022, a total of $10,000 will be available with a maximum award of $2,000 for any single grant. Funding will be granted to individuals and/or entities for development and implementation of a program, festival, or event that promotes and enhances the vibrancy of downtown Montpelier. More information coming in spring 2022. 

Grantees will receive: 

  1. A cash award
  2. 10 hours of event consulting services from Montpelier Alive's staff
  3. Enhanced promotional support from Montpelier Alive
  4. A waiver of the $75 administrative fee for the Downtown Light Pole Banner Program 
  5. Access to Montpelier Alive's event lending library
  6. Complimentary use of Montpelier Alive's sound system for your event